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Glow Jump

Join us FRIDAYS and SATURDAYS to GET YOUR GLOW ON! Shirt provided and must be worn. $25 per person.

Home School Jump

Available only on Fridays 11:30am-1:30pm. NOT available when local Public Schools are closed.

Open Jump

Open Jump is access to all jumping courts during regular business hours.

Sensory Friendly

Every Second Monday of the month at 3pm, we welcome our jumpers with extra needs for a quiet jump with their friends and family. Just $9 a person. Care workers with ID are free.

Sky Climb

Take climbing to the next level with the ultimate vertical obstacle course. Climb, jump, and fly across a challenging course while securely harnessed from above on an auto belay system.

Toddler Time

Bring the little jumpers aged "walking" to 5 to Sky Zone for Toddler Time! Only $9 per child until Toddler Time ends.

Youth Dodgeball Nights

Come play dodgeball the ultimate way! Every Tuesday from 6pm-7pm, get one hour of dodgeball, a slice of pizza, and a fountain drink for a discounted price! Dodgeball ticket is ONLY for dodgeball. Other activities not included in discounted price.

Youth Group Night

Join us every SUNDAY night from 6pm to 8pm for YOUTH GROUP NIGHT.